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Our teachers at CYS focus on alignment and functional movement within yoga poses.  Our teachers are all highly trained and skilled in proper alignment and are able to modify and adjust postures for the individual student. CYS is the place to practice if you want expert level teachers who have years (most have decades) of teaching experience. We support students of all ages and abilities. There are many students at our studio who are 70+ years old because they have found this style of yoga to be supportive in the aging process. 

No matter where you are in your experience of yoga we would love to journey with you. 



Cascade Yoga Studio is a home for the ancient - yet progressive - practice of yoga. Here you will experience all eight limbs of yoga in a womblike environment meant to nurture, heal, and grow. There is a place for everyone here. There is a place for you regardless of age or level of yoga experience. If you are looking to expand your horizons into further dimensions of yogic knowledge and teaching skills, this is most certainly the spot to do it.



Bonnie Slayton
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