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Gentle Yoga 

A  practice geared specifically for those new to yoga or that are looking for a slow practice to help ground the mind and body. This class will offer supported poses for any level and will use props to assist in alignment. No experience or flexibility required!


Back to Basics

Dive into the foundations of an alignment based yoga practice to align, strengthen and promote flexibility in the body. Gain a deeper understanding of the poses and learn proper alignment and healthy mobility. Breathing techniques and meditation will also be integrated. 



A class that coordinates breath with movement but doesn't go fast. Our teachers are trained in alignment based yoga practices so a vinyasa class will challenge you and make you sweat but it won't be because you are moving fast and losing the integrity of the practice.


Multi Level

A class designed to support each student regardless of their experience. Options and modifications are offered so the pose can fit your practice. 


Slow Flow

A class focused on moving slowly with your breath. The pace is mediative but will challenge you. Think of this class as a meditation in motion. 


Core + Stability 

Core + Stability is a class designed to focus on creating more strength and stability in the core of the body. Creating more "core strength" will help to improve posture and day-to- day functional activities. This work will help support and improve all other movement activities. This class will set the foundation for your day! 


Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a meditative practice in which yoga poses are held for several minutes at a time. Practicing in a "yin-like" way allows the nervous system to relax its habitual holding which results in improved flexibility. Embodying Yin poses consciously, we cultivate interoceptive awareness, or mindfulness in the body. 


Restorative Yoga 

A class that will encourage deep relaxation, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Appropriate for all levels. Lots of props will be used to support you in accessing this state of deep relaxation.


Yoga & Stress101

Learn about the physiology of stress, along with some basic tips and life hacks to combat day to day stress. This class is designed as a foundational yoga class for all to move our bodies and improve our relationship with stress.

Inclement Weather

Cancellations are determined independent of school closings. Cancellations are posted in red at the top of this website, on the schedule page, on social media, and on our voice mail.

Because conditions can vary from one side of town to the other, a teacher may not be able to make it to the studio. In this case, we will try our best to find a substitute to teach the class. As weather conditions change quickly, please check periodically through the day regarding the status of classes later in the day.

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