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New Leadership at Cascade Yoga Studio

~ a letter from Viki Distin ~



Peace friends,


Founding and owning Cascade Yoga studio has been like a child to nurture and to love. On January 20, 2019, Cascade Yoga celebrates 18 years, which feels like an auspicious moment to let go. Jamie Kozolwicz and Jen Byrne are taking on the challenge of leading Cascade Yoga Studio and became the new studio owners beginning January 2019.


I wholeheartedly appreciate their commitment to the practice of yoga and to Cascade. They have taught at CYS for a combined 27 years! While Jamie and Jen are well steeped in the history and mission of CYS, I am confident they will clarify their own intentions and fresh ideas to grow and market the studio.

I will continue to teach regular classes and lead the 200-hour teacher training program with Laura Glerum. I am looking forward to creating more space for writing and studying to advance teaching skills. Always a student, right?


What does all this mean for you? Cascade Yoga Studio and Expressions of Grace (EOG) will continue to cross-market and support each other’s events. We will have separate websites and will not be selling joint packages. CYS will honor any packages that were previously purchased for the next 4 months (even if they were purchased at EOG).  If they were purchased at CYS, they have an unlimited expiration date. Please call or email the studio if you have any questions regarding this new arrangement.

As with any creative endeavor, it feels necessary to thank the many people who have helped make this studio a special place to “journey the river within”.


  • Deep bow to Lin VanderBeek (aka Mother Earth) for her deep commitment and presence at CYS. The studio would not be in existence without you.

  • Kristen VanderMolen, thank you for your willingness to take on the crazy position of office manager and for all your little touches to help us run more efficiently.

  • Huge thanks to Brent Doornbos for bringing CYS up to the 21st century!

  • Super thanks to our dynamic duo studio managers, of Kim Ertle and Jen Coe - Kim with her accounting acumen and Jen with her management expertise - CYS is certainly headed in the right direction.

  • To my beloved Dan, who has supported me in a myriad of ways.

  • To all our guest teachers who have helped guide us towards our deepest selves (Theresa Murphy, Tias Little, Brenna Geehan, Gabriel Halpern, Ali Modell, Stephanie Squibb, Marinda Stopforth, Trisha Fisk, Linda Troutman, Laura Burkett, Jeremy Arndt, and Nancy Grzeszak).

  • So grateful to Lori Gaspar (Prairie Yoga) for writing brilliant training curriculums and for being a down to earth, authentic leader.

  • Many thanks to all the desk staff for supporting the studio with your welcoming presence.

  • I am eternally grateful for our teachers who share their open hearts and minds, in order to help others see their own light.

Most of all, I am grateful to our students. Practicing yoga takes courage. Trust that the best thing you can do for our world is to learn how to become more awake humans.  I know you will continue to shine on for years to come.

For 18 years I have taught, wrote, and practiced about the art of letting go. Recently I was reading a fictional story of someone offering a young man advice about choosing a mate. His advice was to choose well and then completely surrender. With Jamie and Jen as the new leaders of CYS, I have chosen wisely.  Now it is my time to surrender.

With love,




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