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Simply Organized

My organizing workshops are not just about cool organizing hacks. That’s the easy part. My workshops are about making space for a life you love by removing anything that distracts you from the things you value. That’s where things get tricky.

For me, I happen to have always gotten joy from being organized. However, only my physical spaces were organized. I had a lot of other “things” cluttering my mind and my life. Sure, my home said I had things under control, but I was in a broken marriage, miserable at work and was exhausted on so many levels from trying to have and do it all. I discovered yoga about ten years ago and it has made all the difference. I began to quiet my mind and find myself again. I began to think hard about what really mattered to me; my children, my sanity and my happiness. I discovered myself again and slowly learned how to let go of the things that didn’t support my best self.

This has also required a huge shift in my idea of success. I no longer worry about how my life appears to others. What matters is that I am on this path to a more intentional life; a path on which I examine what is really important to me and just let the rest go. It’s a path where I walk beside my passions and the people in my heart. The rest is just scenery.

But, of course, if you attend one of my workshops, I can also help you create closets and drawers Marie Kondo would envy.

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