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Certification Requirements (203 contact hours, plus non-contact hours)


  • 117 contact hours of yoga teacher training classes with primary teacher(s). Training includes asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), meditation, subtle body energies, self-myofascial techniques, and yogic philosophy. Trainees will have opportunities to practice teaching to peers, improve communication skills, and learn manual adjustments, sequencing, and alignment.

  • 15 contact hours of Fundamentals of Yoga Anatomy Training with Marinda Stopforth, plus 6 hours of non-contact anatomy workbook ($300).*

  • 15 contact hours of elective workshops at Cascade Yoga Studio or Prairie Yoga*

  • 15 contact hours of observing and assisting senior teachers

  • Completion of all homework assignments (approximately 3-5 hours per week)

  • Teach two community classes and write a 1-2 page reflection for each (mentor feedback provides 2 contact hours)

  • Select four books from the book list for certification; for each book, read and write a two-page review highlighting key ideas that most and least resonated with you

  • Teach two private yoga lessons and write an overview

  • Community service (karma) yoga: Teach yoga to a needy group at no charge

  • Proof of CPR certification

  • Complete a 20-hour self-study project in a specialty area of yoga that interests you and present your exploration as a document, video, class, or other medium appropriate for your topic

  • Demonstrate the ability to teach an inspiring Level 1-2 yoga class clearly, safely, and appropriately

* Fees for required and elective workshops are not included in tuition.  


The yoga teacher training is designed for those who want to become yoga teachers as well as for those who want to deepen their own personal practice and immerse themselves in the study of all aspects of yoga. At least one year of yoga experience is required to enroll (includes home practice and/or studio class practice). Your commitment to learning and dedication to your own personal transformation is key to enjoying the benefits of the training.




Included in the price of tuition is a two-hour Ayurvedic workshop with Laura Burkett of Real Life Wellness, 10 free classes (total) with either Laura Glerum or Viki Distin, and a set of yoga tune-up myofascial balls. 





My experience at Cascade Yoga Studio in Grand Rapids was more than I expected. The trainers, Viki Distin and Jamie Kozlowicz, were awesome. I didn’t just learn the poses of yoga, it opened up a whole new world for me and gave me a greater understanding of my whole body. They have continued to mentor me even after my training completed. Practicing yoga and meditation has given me a sense of peace that even my friends and family have noticed.


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